To manifest the love of God by educating, equipping, and mobilizing volunteers to transform the city and the world.


We believe that to create lasting change in Chicago and the world, it is necessary to get close to the people and places where there is suffering, inequality, injustice, and neglect. Jesus did not practice an arm’s length love, so neither do we.
Doing Justice can quickly devolve into a one-off experience that often is more about us than those we seek to serve. It is seeing those in need as people we are called to fix. But Living Justly is personal, it’s long-term, it’s partnership. Living Justly is knowing that, server or served, we are all equally broken and crying out to God to fix us both.
We believe that just because someone’s struggles may be more visible than our own, does not mean they are more broken than we are. We serve all people – regardless of their status, identity, or circumstance – with humility and compassion.
We steward our resources wisely, we vet our partners, and we measure our impact. It is an honor to serve our brothers and sisters in Christ, so we create programs and invest in strategic partnerships that lead to sustainable solutions.


Welcome! Our hope is that this site will not only be a place where you sign up for volunteer opportunities, but also a space where you come to engage in conversations around social justice. We are a passionate community, who believe dialogue is critical to making the world a more just place. Be sure to visit the WORKS WE LOVE section of this site – it’s our collection of writing, news, videos, and events we think are compelling, thought-provoking, or just plain fun (hey, people who love social justice can laugh, too!)
Once you’re there, join the conversation! If you write – tell us your story. If you know of an article we all should read or an event everyone must attend – send it our way! This site is a place where we can share what we know, ask questions about the stuff we don’t, then leave more fully equipped to go out and transform our city and the world.


  • Ebele Onyema
    Ebele Onyema Love Works Director

Ebele grew up a first-generation Nigerian American in the south suburbs of Chicago. She earned her bachelors in Political Economics from Georgetown University, and did what all immigrant parents hope their daughters will do with their econ degrees – she moved to New York City to work on behalf of Oprah Winfery, the Southeastern Conference, MTV, the FedEx Cup, and New York Fashion Week.

After a number of incredible New York years, Ebele returned home to Chicago to pursue a career that would allow her to engage her passion for social justice and leadership development. Ebele earned her masters in Social Service Administration from the University of Chicago and spent several years working with young people and staff in school and community settings. In her role as Love Works Director, Ebele is committed to engaging Soul City in conversations about justice and dignity, and mobilizing the church to be a compassionate and bold agent of change in this city and the world.

Ebele loves her early morning boxing class; owns three harmonicas that she plays very poorly, but loudly; and spends a joyful amount of time daydreaming about the taco salad at Little Goat and the brisket at Franklin’s in Austin, TX.


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