Love Works

What would happen if we stopped doing justice, and started living justly?


Doing Justice  can quickly devolve into a one-off experience that often is more about us than those we seek to serve. It is seeing those in need as people we are called to fix. But Living Justly  is personal, it’s long-term, it’s partnership. Living Justly  is knowing that, server or served, we are all equally broken and crying out to God to fix us both.


The vision of Love Works, a ministry of Soul City Church, is to be at the forefront of an only-God movement that transforms the soul, the city of Chicago, and the world. It’s a grand vision, but what vision worth having isn’t? We educate, equip, and mobilize volunteers to work with our various partners (seriously, we know so many great organizations that are doing incredible work), and create our own initiatives, designed to treat people with grace and dignity.

Spotlight on the Refugee Crisis + The Church

Join us Monday, February 27th for a Love Works Spotlight on the Refugee Crisis + The Church.  Experts from World Relief and the Heartland Alliance Marjorie Kovler Center will help us wrestle with questions, such as:


  • What is the Church’s responsibility in this refugee crisis and others?
  • What can we at Soul City do to help the stranger?
  • What does our Christian faith demand of us when it comes to public discourse on government policies?

We are witnesses to the greatest displacement of people the world has know.  It is in our power to affect change.  Join us on February 27th to learn how.


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